Famous holocaust survivor dies


Elie Wiesel dies. 



Published date: 7 July, 2016



Elie Wiesel died, according to a press release issued by the German Federal Foreign Office on 2 July 2016, by Foreign Minister Steinmeier.


Wiesel wrote a book: Night. It described his experiences at a German concentration camp. One of the things he said in this book was that the ones who died were the ones who gave up hope. Some lasted. How? He wrote that he believed because they kept hope. He described, for example, how some looked out the windows at the birds. This, he said, gave them hope.


Apparently he made a speech to the German Bundestag in the year 2000, according to the press release. 


Wiesel was a Jew, and was forced to live for a time in a concentration camp run by the Nazi regime of WW2.   


The Foreign Office statement says that Wiesel's speech expressed a belief that the young Germans of today would help to create a better world than the one he had to experience. 






Night, by Elie Wiesel

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