Just a few days until a new German president officially takes office



By Katrina Wood


Published March 13, 2017  05:35   CET   UTC  +01:00

Edited: March 13, 2017  06:40  CET   UTC  +01:00


In a few days, on 19 March 2017, the new German president-elect Frank-Walter Steinmeier is to officially take office as the new German president. The correct form for the office is: The President of the Federal Republic of Germany. In German: Bundespräsident der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.


The official residence of the German president is Schloss Bellevue (Berlin), and there is also a second residence in Bonn. However, the main official residence is Berlin.


The incumbent is Joachim Gauck.


The term of the Presidency is five years and is only renewable once and consecutively.


Germany is, since it's reunification in 1949, a Republic. The constitutional law for the Federal Republic of Germany: the Basic Law.






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